Purge Plugs

Slot Plug

  • Gas slots variable for special gas flow rate
  • 8, 12, 16 or 24 slots
  • without / with lamellas

Turbo HP Plug

  • high purging rate and gas flow controllability due to separate ring channel and tangential slots
  • 42mm HP-Channel and 12 slots
  • effective wear indication

Linear Core Plug

  • high fired blue spinel monolithic core
  • highly resistant to slag/steel adhesion
  • minimal oxygen cleaning
  • increased plug lifetime
  • optimum gas purging availability (6 or 8 slot design)
  • fast on/off gas reaction time
  • reduced direct & indirect costs
PAHAGE purge plugs are fully compatible with all widely used mounting assembly systems: from monolithic ladle bottom and the standard bayonet fitting to coiled copper/steel safety rings as well as safety valve systems.
As well as purging plugs, PAHAGE offers all components required to complement your purging system. Housing blocks can be supplied to suit all ladle linings irrespective of design and material. All materials are carefully selected by our R&D department to meet the costumers’ needs.
Possible design options
  • addition of stainless steel fibers
  • various lifting hook configurations
  • pre-assembled sets combining purge plug and housing block
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