The initial roots of our company as well as our main strengths today centre around the production of high tech refractories for the steel- and iron-producing industry. Our product range covers purging plugs, housing & well blocks, sliding gate plates, nozzles as well as diverse range customer-specific products.

Our philosophy is based on customisation. We operate in close collaboration with our customers to find the best possible solution for their request. It has always been our goal to improve and optimize the production of our customers by using the innovative products and technologies of PAHAGE.

Quality is our rule number one, according to ISO 9001 our quality management systems assure quality-orientated production.

Purging Systems
Products for secondary metallurgy treatment.

Precast Shapes Ladle
Broad range of components for the steel ladle.

Precast Shapes Tundish
Broad range of components for the tundish.

The PAHAGE-SplashBox – the effective and efficient innovation for continuous casting.

Ingot Casting
Special products made-to-order for individual customer requirements.

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